After Marilee had said her “Now I lay me’s”, Mama kissed her forehead and pulled the soft blanket up to her chin.  “Sleep tight, sweetheart, and have sweet dreams!” her mama said. Marilee closed her eyes and was soon asleep. And quick as a wink her sweet dreams began.  This is what she dreamed.

Marilee awoke in a forest filled with flowers and birds.  She could hear the birds singing and the flowers nodded a cheerful hello.  The little girl rubbed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to smell all the flowers at once.  She stood and looked around.  A white bunny twitched its fuzzy tail and continued to eat clover blossoms.  A squirrel scampered down a nearby tree, chattering brightly.  A bluebird settled on her shoulder and twittered softly in her ear.

Marilee clapped her hands and laughed at al the wonderful things she was seeing.  “Oh, this IS a sweet dream!” she thought, “Thank you, Mama!”  A path led away through the forest and Marilee decided to follow it.  She wasn’t afraid for this was her very own dream.  The path wound through more trees and flowers and little animals scampered along beside her.

Soon the path opened into a meadow with a small pool a few feet away.  Water lilies and cattails were dotted here and there along the bank and a flat rock was just right for sitting.  Marilee did sit on the rock and stared at her reflection in the clear stream.  “Yes, that’s me,” she thought, “and this is my dream!”  As she smiled at herself, she suddenly saw the reflection of another figure beside her.  There, clear as her own face, was the head of a unicorn!  Its clear green eyes, soft pink nose and golden horn were just like the picture Marilee had seen in her storybook.


She turned to look at the real unicorn and the beautiful animal lowered its head and snuffled in her hair.  Marilee laughed at the tickle and jumped up from the rock.  She stroked the soft neck and ran her hands through the silky mane.  Then the unicorn spoke aloud!  “Would you like to take a ride?”  The voice of the unicorn was like little silver bells.  “Just stand on that rock and you can climb on my back.”

What a wonderful time Marilee had riding on the unicorn!  They galloped through the forest and found more meadows.  They walked through patches of bright blue and purple violets.  They stood under a tree covered with sweet cherries and Marilee ate until she couldn’t hold another one.  Then she jumped down to the ground and offered the Unicorn a handful.

“What is your name, unicorn?  I forgot to ask until now!”

“My name is Starshine,” laughed the unicorn for I am only in your dreams at night!”  You can always find me in Dreamland!  Just remember to have sweet dreams and I’ll find you!

Marilee threw her arms around Starshine’s neck. “I hope so!  Oh, I hope so!  And I’ll remember you when I wake up, I promise!  Now I think I’ll take a nap and rest from our happy day!”  Marilee lay down on the soft green grass beneath a lavender lilac bush.  Starshine curled up beside her and they both fell fast asleep.

Soon Marilee awoke and rubbed her eyes.  Her soft blanket was still tucked under her chin and her bedroom was filled with morning sunlight.  “Ah, I had some sweet dreams,” she said aloud.  “I wish I could remember them!”


About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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