Freddy Mouse was lying on a bale of hay in a spot of sunshine chewing on a clover.  He was thinking about how much fun he’d been having with his new friend, Randy Raven.  The two had flown back to visit Sammy Squirrel in the woods, and Freddy had introduced him to his friends, Roger Frog and Tommy Turtle down by the creek.  Things had gotten a lot more interesting around the Jones farm since he’d met Randy.

Just then the big bird flew into the barn.  “Whatcha doin’, Freddy?” he asked.

“Oh, nothin’ much.  Just wondering what to do with the day, “ yawned Freddy.

“How about going to the county fair?” suggested Randy.

“Sounds good!” answered Freddy.  “Uhhhh, what’s a County Fair?”

“It’s a place where they have lots of animals and people and rides.  And you can find popcorn, and cotton candy, and hot dogs, and CANDY APPLES!”

“Sounds like fun to me, where is it?” Freddy smoothed his whiskers and shook out his tail.

“Over in the town.  You come with me, Freddy, and we’ll have a good time!  I’ll pick you up late afternoon.  We’ll get there early so you can see what’s going on.  Then, we’ll go down on the ground and mess around after it gets dark.”

Randy flew off and Freddy got his chores done while he thought about what a County Fair would be like.  It seemed no time at all before his friend flew back into the barn.  Freddy hopped on his back and off they flew to town.

Randy and Freddy head for the fair!

When they arrived, Randy lit on the broad limb of a huge oak tree in the middle of the fair grounds.  From here they could watch all the activities.  Freddy saw children riding on horses, and cows and chickens and rabbits and goats.  So many animals!  Even pigs.   But he didn’t see any mice.

On all sides of the Fair ground were the houses they had flown over.  So many.  So close together!  On the far side of the fair ground were big machines.  He asked his friend what they were.

“That’s the carnival,” Randy answered.  “And when it gets dark, there’ll be lights all over those machines and they’ll go round and round and up and down!  It’s fascinating.  And, see all those people down there eating?  Well, they throw pieces of food on the ground and we can see what’s available and take our pick!  It’s free and it’s tasty!  Especially candy apples!  I LOVE candy apples!”

Sure enough, when it got dark, all the lights came on and the rides started up.  Freddy couldn’t believe his eyes!  He’d never seen so many lights in all his life or heard so much noise!

Randy said, “Let’s go down and see what we can find.”  Freddy climbed on and down they flew to a spot near some cars.  From the shadows they watched people walking by, laughing, some pushing babies along in little carts.  And nearly everyone dropped some kind of tidbit as they munched the carnival goodies.

“Look!” said Randy, “There’s popcorn!” And he pointed to a few white objects scattered on the ground.  Freddy tasted one, and it had the flavor of corn with a salty, buttery crunch that went right to his taste buds and lit ‘em up!

“Over there,” whispered Randy.  “See that cotton candy?  Let’s try that.”  Freddy tried to eat some, but every time he touched it with his tongue, it disappeared into a sugary sweet liquid.  He thought he’d look for more popcorn.

They had come close to the Ferris wheel when Randy stopped Freddy with an outstretched wing.  “We’re in luck!  There’s a candy apple in the corner of that seat.  Come on!”

They flew up to a branch near the top of the Ferris Wheel.   When the seat with the apple in it came round and Randy saw it was empty, he flew down with Freddy.  Just as Freddy started to take a bite of the apple, the Ferris Wheel reached the bottom and the carnival man saw Randy.  “Git outta here, you dirty bird!” he yelled.

Get me out of here!

Freddy was so scared he jumped behind the apple, and stuck to it!  Randy flew up and out, and at the same time, the big wheel began to move.  It went up to the top then, it went down the other side, and Freddy almost lost his tummy!  “I want off!” he squeaked as loudly as he could.  But he was stuck to that apple and couldn’t see Randy or any way of surviving THIS adventure!

But Randy hadn’t forgotten his friend, and when the wheel stopped, he snatched Freddy and the apple and flew back into the tree.  Then, he had to pull Freddy off the apple!


A wibboly tummy!

By the time Freddy had all the sticky candy licked off his fur, his tummy felt all wibboly.  “Ohhh,” he cried, “please take me home, Randy.  I don’t feel very good!”
“You sure you don’t want to see anything else?” Randy asked.

“Oh, no, let’s just go home.”

“OK, but I’m gonna eat this apple first.”  Randy did love candy apples!

Freddy climbed slowly onto his friend’s back.  “Please don’t give me a bumpy ride,” he said, “I don’t think I could take it!”

Randy flew as straight as he could back to the barn.  He let Freddy off on a soft pile of straw.  “Didn’t you have a good time?” he asked sadly.

“Oh, yes!” said Freddy.  “That was a lot of fun, except if I hadn’t had to lick off so much of that candy.  I’ll feel better tomorrow and I’ll remember all the fun we had.  But right now, I think I’d better lie down.  Good night, Randy.  Thanks…..” Freddy was sound asleep.

Randy shook his head and flew off chuckling to himself and remembering how good that candy apple had been.


























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Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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