ONE NIGHT (For children)c.2010 Donna Swanson


(This little rhyme can be used in Christmas programs put on by little ones.  The first of each stanza is a person or persons, the second is an animal or thing.  Children can dress the parts of hold pictures in front of them when they recite the verses.)

1. I am a little shepherd boy

I keep the temple sheep.

One night I heard the angels sing

about the Prince of Peace.


I am a little woolly lamb.

I frolic all day long.

One night I saw a Heavenly light

And heard the angel’s song.


2. I am a humble Jewish girl,

I live by Moses’ law.

One night an angel came to me

and said I’d bear God’s Son.


I am a donkey small and gray

I do what I am told.

One night with Mary on my back

I walked King David’s road.


3. I am the Keeper of the Inn

I lived in Bethlehem.

one night I saw the Son of God

born in a cattle pen.


I am a kind and gentle cow.

I have a tale to tell.

One night I shared my lowly stall

with Lord, Emanuel.


4. I am an honest carpenter,

I work ‘til set of sun.

That night I held him in my arms,

God’s newborn only Son!


I am a bright and shining star,

I give a silv’ry light.

One night I shone on Bethlehem

and made that Christmas bright!


5. I am the servant of a king,

We traveled from the east.

One night we found the King of kings

asleep among the beasts.


I am a camel, strong and tall,

I travel with the best.

One night we came to David’s town

and found a King at rest.



About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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