The sound of children laughing in the sun.

Smiles of young lovers, their lives just begun.

A heart remb’ring the dreams of its youth.

A father telling his son about truth.



These are God’s melodies, these are His songs.

Everyday moments we build our lives on.

He hears the sweet music of life day by day.

He sings in our loving and laughs in our play.


2. An old man praying with trembling hands.

Parents and children playing in the sand.

Bread from the oven served with loving care.

Fairy tales and nursery rhymes and baby’s teddy bear




Love as soft as mother’s sigh.

Love as bright as a butterfly.

Love as true as the blue, blue sky.

That’s the way I see you!

Nights as warm as firelight.

Days filled up with fresh delight.

Your morning smile to bless my night.

That’s the way I see you!
You are my joy, my dream come true.

I’ll never be through with loving you.

As long as I live, I’ll be there for you.

I give all my dreams and my world to you.


A smile as warm as summertime.

Hands that rest secure in mine.

Eyes that make the whole world shine.

That’s the way I see you.

Warm and soft and shiny new.

A wealth of love wrapped up in you.

Every day is all brand new.

That’s the way I see you!




About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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