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Little Colette loved ribbons and lace and violets at her waist. Her favorite mount on the carousel was a pony named Merrylegs. Dapple gray with mane and tail like mounds of drifted snow; dainty hooves and soft brown eyes made … Continue reading

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    This is Patches on a good day; but not all of them are to his liking!   Patches was grumpy!  Patches was feeling sorry for himself.  His tail dragged on the ground.  His ears drooped down over his … Continue reading

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A royal Invitation

Did you know you have in your possession a royal invitation? You were issued this invitation at the moment of conception and it remains in force throughout all the days you live upon the earth. No one can revoke it. … Continue reading

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            Abbie paused at the pasture gate.  A whippoorwill was calling in the distance and the rhythmic cadence of evening peepers was a sound noted but not intrusive.  Her cotton dress was light for this early in the spring, and … Continue reading

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After God had made all the animals of the field, and all the birds of the air, and all the fish in the sea; He stood off just to the left of earth, cocked his head to one side, and … Continue reading

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