After God had made all the animals of the field,

and all the birds of the air,

and all the fish in the sea;

He stood off just to the left of earth,

cocked his head to one side,

and studied on things a bit.

“That’s a pretty fair week’s work,” he thought.

“Those animals are going to be a real joy!

Wise owls, stately lions,

and that giraffe was pure inspiration!”

Then God stepped down and walked among the animals.

The horse matched his step

with a toss of flaxen mane.

The playful bear cubs nuzzled his knee.

The fierce hawk rode on his shoulder.

And oh, how God loved them!

But, as beautiful as they were,

and as devoted as they were,

they just weren’t like God.

The deer bounded gracefully ahead.

The butterfly spread her beautiful wings before him.

The monkeys showed off, as usual

and ran through their list of clever tricks.

Then, coming to a riverbank,

the mighty Creator told the animals

to step back a pace.

Kneeling down, he took some clay from an ordinary spot nearby.

and began molding it.

“This is something new!” cried the animals.

“We were not made like this!”

“But Master, surely you’re not serious!”

laughed the hyena,

“That creature has no hair!

“He’ll freeze when winter comes!”

“You should reconsider,” said the horse,

“That creature is too puny to survive here!”

“And look at the size of that brainbox,” breathed the cow.

“However will he learn?

But God just smiled,

and looked upon his new creation

with his own kind of wonder.

“Yes, he’s puny.

And I made him quite bare-skinned.

His brain capacity seems limited, but I am giving

him something that will make up for

all of that.

I am about to place in his mind

the stamp of my ownership.

Within him will be a tiny hollow place.

Down deep in his heart will be

a God-shaped void.

And beside that will be placed a generous portion

of wonder and curiosity.

His wonder will never be exhausted,

and that hollow place will never comfortably accommodate any shape

but my own.

And, my peaceful creatures,

he will never rest easy down here.

for, you see, I have made him for the heavens,

and he will be forever restless!”

And with those words, the great God

in the presence of all creation,

knelt in the dust of a world.

And, gently cradling man in his arms,

breathed into him the breath of life.

c.2011 Donna Swanson/from Splinters of Light


About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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7 Responses to THEHOLLOW PLACE (First Spring)

  1. Jaan Pehchaan says:

    Hats off to humankind – here is mine:

  2. That was such a well reasoned out description about the uniqueness of Man.
    “he will never rest easy down here, for you see, I have made him for the heavens and he will be forever restless”..No wonder we live with all that angst:-)

    • dswan2 says:

      Thank you, friends!
      My favorite line has always been by the cow, “Look at the size of that brainbox, however will he learn?”

  3. Reflections says:

    Love the imagery you have created here… my favorite lines:

    And, my peaceful creatures,
    he will never rest easy down here.
    for, you see, I have made him for the heavens,
    and he will be forever restless!”

    Powerful words there… as is human nature to be restless, always looking for a better place, a little more light, trying to fill the hollow place.

  4. luna15 says:

    perfectly told, love the humur, this is wonderful

  5. Jingle says:

    wonder reflection of the creation of nature in God’s perspective, thanks for sharing….


  6. Becca Givens says:

    Very intriguing!!

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