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Poppy the clown wore a red-painted grin, but his face didn’t match for his day had been grim. He’d burst his balloons on a sharp cactus plant, and the puppy had chewed a big hole in his hat. So he … Continue reading

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When the poet in you needs to know a place where only dreamers go; When tasks are mountains glaring down and every day just seems to frown; Remember this and rest awhile, The Christ took time to be a child. … Continue reading

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The sea is wide

HOLD ME, GOD, FOR THE SEA IS SO WIDE, AND MY BOAT IS SO SMALL! Where shall I go from thy spirit?  or where shall I flee from thy Presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou are there, if … Continue reading

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  God blessedAmericatoday. The sun came up and night was gone. A newborn baby took its first breath of free air.   God blessed America today. The trees put on leaves to cover the bare bones of winter. A calf … Continue reading

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THESE THINGS I GIVE YOU I give to you the child in me, loved and formed at Mother’s knee. A child who knew all hurts could heal as long as she was near and real.   I give to you … Continue reading

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1. Whispers flung like stardust through the velvet night. Secrets spoken in the stillness of the early morning light. Love words sown in silence by the Maker of the wind. Now they’re singing, dancing, whisp’ring in a universal hymn. CHORUS: … Continue reading

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              The chubby little hand held tight to the security of his father’s strong, calloused one.  Short legs pumped hard to keep up as bright lights beckoned from every direction.  Suddenly before them appeared a most wonderful thing!  Bathed … Continue reading

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