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  Who was in the stable on that first Christmas night? When Bethlehem, Kind David’s town, was bathed in Heaven’s light? First there were the silent ones; cattle, donkey, sheep, Breathing softly, resting sweetly while we were asleep. Then, a … Continue reading

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1. Such a tiny part of Heaven touched the earth one starry night. Such a humble introduction to the world of power and might. No trumpets marked His coming. No royal decree was made. The earth did not stop spinning … Continue reading

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  ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the park not a creature was stirring, the lights were all dark. The lilting notes of the organ so grand were stilled and silence lay over each stand. The booths were … Continue reading

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The Colors of Christmas

The colors of Christmas are shining today; preparing our hearts for winter’s display. Shining not only from homes filled with cheer, but also from hearts, familiar and dear. Apples and candles and roses of red; red fuzzy jammies all snuggly … Continue reading

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