I am going to school today!  Suzie has me in her pocket!  She didn’t tell her mommy; but that’s OK, I’ll be very good.

I am going to school today!  Suzie told me all about it.  We will ride with Tommy and Jill and I will be very quiet.  When we get there, her teacher will watch while Suzie hangs up her coat and mittens and sits in the circle on her little blue chair.  And I will not make a sound until Show’n’Tell time!

It’s almost time!  Here comes Suzie’s hand to lift me out…“What?!” says Suzie, “but I thought Show’n’Tell was today!  And I brought my very favorite friend to show you!  (That’s me!   I’m her specialist friend.)

Oh, no!  Suzie is crying.  I must make her feel better!  Here I come, Suzie!  I climb up her sweater and lick her face with my little blue tongue.  Hey! Come back kids!  Come back, teacher!  Where are you all going?  Haven’t you ever seen a beautiful blue gecko before?

OK, so I’m not in Suzie’s pocket anymore.  I’m in a jar with a lid on it and holes punched in the lid and I’m not at all happy but I am in school and I get to stay here until Suzie goes home!  Some of the kids even come over and look at me and they tap on the jar to see if I will jump.  That’s not very nice, so I don’t jump.  Well, once I did; I jumped right at his finger and scared that mean little boy so bad he ran off crying.

Now I just sit and watch them color and paste and play games.  I’d like to be on Suzie’s shoulder so I could play, but teacher tells her, “No!”  But I did go to school today and Suzie and I can talk about it when we get back home.  Suzie likes to talk to me because I’m a really good listener.

“Goodbye kids!”  Suzie holds my jar very carefully and doesn’t spill me out until Tommy and Jill ride off to their own homes.  Once again I am in Suzie’s room and have my very own little house with glass sides and smooth warm rocks and my own supper dish.  School was fun, but home is better!

c.2011, Donna Swanson


About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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  1. Taylor says:



  2. Kay Salady says:

    Wonderfully adventurous tale!

  3. dswan2 says:

    Thanks, Kay and Charles, I do like the silly stuff!

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