A salubrious syncopation

of singular silliness


The Toadie hopped along the road,

his warts were all ablister.

The sun was shining on his back

and no matter how he twisted,

he could not find his way across

to meet his Toadie sister.


She’d invited him to come to tea

over in the meadow.

To play some games and reminisce

and frolic in the shadows.


He’d thought to take a shortcut,

but now he wished he hadn’t.

“I’ll roast and toast me in this place!

Get eaten by some rodent!”

But as he thought he’d surely die

upon that hot macadam,

he spied a crack in the smooth rock wall

and squeezed his way to freedom.

Alas, although the shadows cool

brought surcease from his blisters,

the flight had brought him to a point

quite opposite his sister’s.


“Drat the day I got the note

to party with my sister!

All I’ll show for effort spent

are inconvenient blisters!”


He turned toward home, then spied a well

that promised soothing water.

He hopped atop a low-slung wall

and laughed with Toadie laughter.


He heard a step and jumped within

to minimize intrusion,

when suddenly a golden ball

gave Toadie a contusion.


A battered, blistered, furious toad

now hopped onto the curbing,

and looked around to find the source

of that missile so disturbing.


A pretty lass in petticoats

was standing there beside him.

She gave a squeal and clapped her hands

as suddenly she spied him!


“How dare you bop me on my head!”

the furious toad demanded.

“At last I’ve found you!” cried the lass,

“A frog prince, empty handed!”


“Frog prince, my eye!” the toad declared,

“A toad of grace and breeding!

And quite the worse for meeting you

and taking such a beating!”


He glared at her, she stared at him,

then suddenly she grabbed him.

Planted a kiss upon his lips,

and watched to see it happen!


Toadie hopped down to the ground

and took off for the fence.

“Wait!” she cried, “Listen to me,

I’ve changed you to a prince!”


Toadie stopped and looked around,

“Just what are you implying?

I’ll hear some more, but make it quick,

I feel like I’ve been frying!”


“You see,” she said, “I come each day

to play here by the wellside;

waiting for my prince to come,

and though you’re on the small side,


I think you must be in disguise,

enchanted by a witch.

All it takes is a maiden’s kiss

to help you make the switch!”


“Well, well, well!” the Toadie said,

“That would be quite a life.

How long does it take to break the spell?

and would you be my wife?


The maiden tossed her golden curls

and turned to walk away.

“It only takes a kiss to work.

I guess it’s not your day!”


Poor Toadie hopped along the road,

his warts were still ablister.

He had a knot upon his head

and was not inclined to listen


to anyone who cared to talk

about the day’s adventure.

“Just leave me sitting on my rock,

declining invitations!”


But, hopping into Toadie’s life

there came a beauteous vision.

A lovely lady toad was set

upon an expedition.

“Where are you going?” Toadie called,

intent on conversation.

“Across the way to see my kin!”

was her lilting explanation.


“Travel can be full of trials,

perhaps you’d like collusion.”

So, Toadie in the thrall of love

forgot blisters and contusions.


The moral of this Toadie tale

is plain to all who read it.

There’s more to life than princely gain;

for what we are’s sufficient.

c.Donna Swanson

If you would like to hear this tale told and illustrated follow this link.


About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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2 Responses to TOADIE’S ADVENTURE By Donna Swanson

  1. Jillien says:

    This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joe Zakarian says:

    Please forgive me on this observation, but was this about a horny-toad? Just wondering.
    Cute story.

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