God Was Busy


God was busy that day.
He decided there just wasn’t time
to spread a rainbow over the clouds,
to call for those colors to shine.
It would only be seen for a moment or two-
it might not be noticed at all.
So why make the effort for such a small thing?
Why bother to do it at all?

Therefore, no rainbow was given to man,
no promise was brushed on the sky.
And all through the ages of infinite time
life’s storms only made people cry.

The halls of Heaven were troubled that day
so God didn’t think to proclaim
that babies should smile and laugh with delight
when cuddled or called by their names.
For what was the use of one little smile?
How would it help man survive?
Better to put more strength in the arm
and cunning to keep him alive.

And flowers – now there was a sheer waste of time.
What function could blossoms perform,
that couldn’t be done just as well and as fine
in a darker, less flamboyant tone?
Yes, God was in such a rare, solemn mood
that He figured why give it His best?
Man wouldn’t appreciate most of the stuff
and would surely abuse all the rest.

So the worlds were dressed in a somber brown.
The skies were leaden and gray.
And though man did inhabit the earth,
he did not sing or play.
Times were grim and life was brooding.
No one smiled or prayed.
For God had also been too busy
to show mankind the way

Of course, we know this is not true,
for God gave us His best.
And to the wonder of His power
He added the soft caress
of a song, a flower, a baby’s smile,
a mother’s tenderness.
And most of all He gave Himself
to keep our spirits warm.

So do not think your part is small
in God’s creation plan.
Or that it doesn’t matter much
if you don’t give all you can.
Just remember all the little things
He thought of with delight
and follow His example
as you walk within His light.

©Donna Swanson/Splinters of Light


About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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2 Responses to God Was Busy

  1. Joe Zakarian says:

    Makes me think more deeply about God’s miracles, which we take for granted! Miracles galore!
    Thanks for the reminders!

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