Marilee had had such sweet dreams lately that she was looking forward to another one as Mama pulled the covers up to her chin. But Mama reminded her of something.

“Remember what you had for a snack a few minutes ago?” she asked.

“Yes!” answered Marilee, “I had a big dill pickle and it was very good!”

“Well, sour pickles may not give you sweet dreams. OK?”

“Ok” said Marilee sleepily as she closed her eyes.

As she dreamed, Marilee did not find herself in the pretty meadow she was used to. Instead she found herself in a large room full of toys. The toys were huge and she was as small as if she had eaten the blackberry Starshine had given her in the ‘sweet dreams’. “I’ll have to be careful here,” she thought so I don’t knock one of these toys on top of me!”

She heard voices across the room and saw a meeting in progress. A marionette that looked like Pinocchio was speaking. “It is time for the toys to revolt!” he said loudly. “We don’t need strings and pull ropes to be happy!” And he took a pair of nail scissors from the table and cut his strings.

Well, of course he flopped down to the floor immediately and had to speak with his nose stuck in a knothole. “Well, maybe we DO need strings once in a while,” he said in a small, slightly muffled voice. Marilee put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing.

“And I don’t like to haul cows and pigs on my train!” huffed the little engine that could. “So get off and find another ride!” Ramps came down and all the animals hurried off the cattle cars. “That’s better. Now who wants a ride?” No one got aboard for they did not care to ride in such a huffy train.

A mama doll dressed in a frilly pink dress with polka dots and ruffles was next to complain. “Just look at these old-fashioned clothes. I would look much better in the latest styles!”

The Barbie doll next to her laughed, “Don’t you think you are a bit plump to wear my clothes” and she stuck up her nose and sat in her Barbie car.

“Just let me try!” said the Mama doll. And she jerked a sleek silver ball gown from Barbie’s closet. Quick as a wink she had changed from her frilly dress to the gown and high heels. “Oh, my!” she fussed as she searched for a mirror, “I feel rather tipsy!” Her fat jolly legs and plump feet looked very funny in the high heels and the dress did not lend style to her motherly curves.

“I wouldn’t like to sit on YOUR lap!” said a baby doll. “In fact, you don’t have a lap now!”

As each of the toys complained at their place in the toy room, Marilee made her way to the front. She refastened Pinocchio’s strings to his hands and feet and helped Mama doll back into her pretty dress. “I am dreaming a strange dream,” she told them. “You see, I am the same size as you but I am a real little girl. I love playing with you all. And I love you just as you were made to be. I think you would be much happier as yourselves and I promise to play with each of you every day!”

The toys grew very quiet. Pinocchio said, “You mean you like us as we are? You don’t want new toys or different playthings?”

“Well, of course I’ll add a new toy once in a while, especially at Christmas, but it will just mean more to play with. Come on, let’s have a tea party!” And she helped each toy to sit, stand or just stay close to the tea table and brought them some sweet tea.

She took a sip of tea and closed her eyes. Immediately she was awake and smiled at the curious dream the dill pickle had given her!


About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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