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When the poet in you needs to know a place where only dreamers go; When tasks are mountains glaring down and every day just seems to frown; Remember this and rest awhile, The Christ took time to be a child. … Continue reading

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A royal Invitation

Did you know you have in your possession a royal invitation? You were issued this invitation at the moment of conception and it remains in force throughout all the days you live upon the earth. No one can revoke it. … Continue reading

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  One day the children of Galilee were out in the fields where Jesus was teaching.  It had been a long day and they were a long way from home.  The children listened to the Master’s words with joy and … Continue reading

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ONE NIGHT (For children)c.2010 Donna Swanson

  (This little rhyme can be used in Christmas programs put on by little ones.  The first of each stanza is a person or persons, the second is an animal or thing.  Children can dress the parts of hold pictures … Continue reading

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THE WHITE BIRD c.2010 Donna Swanson

The morning sunlight made the white bird’s feathers shine and sparkle. But the white bird’s thoughts did not shine or sparkle. She was sad and worried. Her master had tossed her up into the air several days ago and now … Continue reading

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  “Nothing but trouble can come of this,” Benjamin, one of the town elders, said.  “Herod is a wicked and jealous king.  I cannot see him allowing the birth of one who might have a claim to the throne of … Continue reading

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OLD MICAH AND THE LAMB (Part One) By Donna Swanson c.1974

. Old Micah sat in the sun, a pile of wood shavings spilling over his sandal-shod feet.  He turned a small figure in his hand, shaping and smoothing it as he hummed softly.  He smiled as voices and laughter interrupted … Continue reading

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